Afternoon Tea At Sketch.

A couple of weeks ago my best friend Becca took me to Sketch for a belated birthday afternoon tea.

I want to start this post by being incredibly real with you guys. This was not a normal way for me to spend a Saturday. It was a horrendously expensive and luxury day out – but, with that being said, it was an incredible experience that we’re not going to forget in a hurry.

Sketch is one of those places that I’ve seen on Instagram, in blogs and on YouTube channels for years and years and I have always wanted to go but never thought I would, considering the price tag that goes along with the scones. However if a £45 afternoon tea is within your budget, I would highly recommend it.

For those of you that don’t know, Sketch offers a really unique dining experience. It is as much a feast for the eyes as it is the stomach – as the decor is amazing. We had our afternoon tea in the ‘pink room’ which, as you can imagine, was pink from floor to ceiling. Couple this with mood lighting, funky artwork on the walls and gorgeous Diptyque candles burning away and you’ve got yourself the ideal environment, in my opinion.



The food is amazing too – I won’t spoil the surprise by talking about this too much but as per the traditional afternoon tea you get sarnies, cakes and scones, with the Sketch addition of battenberg from the trolley and every possible tea combination you could think of (refillable too, so you can test out as many as you like!) I had a peppermint and a rosebud. Both were lovely, light and refreshing.



The service at Sketch was second to none. The waitresses were incredibly attentive and everything was smooth and perfectly articulated – besides when Becca said that she didn’t need a new cup for every new tea she tried, so rather than just leave the pot with the new flavour the waitress poured a new flavour into Becca’s already half full cup (she’s an optimist). We were both utterly bemused but upon tasting realised that the combination of blackcurrant and vanilla actually made a pretty lovely cuppa, so we weren’t too fussed.

Is it actually a post about Sketch if I don’t mention the toilets? They’re basically little egg pods, complete with disco lights and a cleaner dressed as an actual French Maid. It’s so funny watching people walk to the loo armed with their mobile phone, knowing exactly what they’re going to do in there (nothing weird, just a mirror selfie…). Obviously I couldn’t pretend to be cool and rise above it, so here’s my attempt:



I feel genuinely lucky to have had this experience and am so grateful to Becca for treating me to it. It’s no secret that I’ve not been feeling tip top recently, but nothing seems quite so scary when you’ve got a best friend by your side. From the day I first met Becca (at university in a queue for Coldplay tickets, naturally) she has ‘got me’. Fast forward 5 years and we have shared so many more experiences, both highs and lows, and I am so so happy to have had her by my side for them all.

I love you Grem, always! Thank you for always live-messaging Made In Chelsea & I’m A Celebrity with me, thank you for liking the same Dominos toppings as me and never judging when I suggest buying a feed four for a fiver deal for just the two of us. Thank you for attending countless gigs with me and forcing me out of my comfort zone and making me join student radio. Thank you for understanding that I needed to wallow my way through a nasty break up, but thank you also for force feeding me soup and cream eggs and banging on our connecting bedroom walls every few hours to make sure I was still alive. Thank you for understanding my obsession with Topshop and always enabling me on shopping trips, but telling me when to save my pennies too. Thank you for coining the phrase ‘you’re Lizzi f*cking Hill!’ and always making me feel like a badass girlboss who can do whatever I put my mind to. But ultimately, thank you just for being you. You really are da best 😘


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