Latergram #7

Well well well, it’s been a while.

I know, I’m sorry! I hate it too when people start blog posts lamenting for not having posted for a while, proclaiming that this year will be different, but here I am.

I feel like I got myself into a bit of a writing rut in 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I love using this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts/feelings with you all and I truly love having this platform to get things off my chest. But I felt like I got myself backed into a corner a little bit, where all I could write were those kinda ‘social justicey’ angry posts- cc: my rant about emojis or my epic on the dark side of Instagram. Whilst I absolutely love these posts and am very proud of them, not only because of what they are about, but also because of the response they have solicited from people, I don’t want to feel like I can only share what is considered to be unique or ‘high brow’ posts on here. To be honest this is a whole separate conversation I want to have with you regarding culture vultures and what is considered to be wholesome writing/art in the blogging community, but we’ll save that for another day.

Today I thought it was about time that I brought you up to speed on the other aspects of my life with a good old fashioned Latergram. I haven’t done one of these since February!

So, what’s been going on?



A beaut sunny commute with a coffee & Tyler Oakley / Adventuring out to Cambridge with my Mum / A stunning choral recital of Magnificat at Trinity College / Knocking up a Mexican Fajita feast.


A trip to Norwich to stay with Tom & Rob / Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty / The best doughnut ever / A gorgeous sunny day on the beach in Hythe. 

march 3

Out for my Mummy’s birthday / The dreamiest cookie dough dessert / Attacked by ‘Storm Katie’ / A play date with Bletchley, my friend’s dog.


april 1

A bright and beautiful early start / A ‘sorry you failed your driving test…again’ supply of Parmaviolets from my friends at work (still going strong!) / Reading & loving ‘I call myself a Feminist’ / The best secondhand bookshop in Rochester.


Storm clouds & a beautiful rainbow over the rooftops in Folkestone / The view from the train / Blossom!


may 1

Rocking the specs / Sunday lunchin’ / Meeting up with friends to get our wedding outfits (more on that later) / An incredible show from the Sons Of Pitches.


The start of the cricket season / A bargain pair of £2 sunnies from Primark / Rocking baby pink & green velvet together / Getting over the hump day.


june §

Getting punny with it / Lunch break views- can’t complain / Sunny commute reading ‘The Art Of Being Normal’ / Having a FAB Friday at work.


Bears Den @ Bushstock Festival / Shelfie / The lead up to the EU Referendum / Cosy afternoons in our library.


july 1

Neesha’s Hen Do @ Champneys Spa.

july 2

Our Summer choir concert at Bredhurst Woods / Fruit picking! / Summer OOTD / Homemade cheesecake with the fruits I’d picked.


august 1

Greek salad a la Rochester / Wedding preparations / Pre-wedding party / Wedding ceremony

august 2

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros / Islington Assembly Hall / Shakespeare in the park


september 1

September Sunset / Twinning / An early birthday present to myself / Oh Wonder @ The Roundhouse

september 2

Travelling in style on my 24th Birthday / My Vivienne Westwood bag 😍 / This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire / Birthday selfie.


october 1

Gavin James @ 02 Academy / Folkestone Harbour / Meeting one of my fave internet ladies @ Stylist Live / Afternoon tea at Sketch.


november 1

Bonfire Night / Gorgeous sunset from work / My Dad’s 60th Birthday party.



A fun & festive trip to Edinburgh with Tom & Rob.

december 2

Merry Christmas from The Hills / My new necklace from my friend Liz / Chowin’ down at Homeslice / #NoMakeupDay.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into what I’ve been up to, 2016 was definitely a lot busier than I remembered!

As always you can follow me @lizzihill for more of the same, and please leave your Insta handles in the comment section so I can come on over for a stalk.



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  1. Roman
    January 15, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    @marbled_thoughts om instagram. Looks like you had a busy and well documented year.

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