Tuesday Tittle Tattle: A very busy week meeting the Mayor and getting rained on!

Hello lovely people, I hope you’re all well.

These Tittle Tattle posts are actually some of my favourites to write because we get to have a bit of a chit chat, where I blurt out whatever is on my mind, or update you on what I’ve been up to recently.

So, with that in mind…

This past week has been pretty hectic- but great fun, too!

For those of you that don’t know, my Dad and my brother are keen cricketers and have played for a team locally since I was really small. This year, I’ve taken on the role of social media coordinator for the club, which is pretty exciting. Lately there’s been a really cool project going on, where our Club House has been refurbished in partnership with a local college, so on Friday the Mayor came down to see what had been going on. He checked out the work, ate some salmon & cucumber sandwiches, lovingly prepared by my Dad and I, and sunk a pint at the bar with our club chairman. It was one of the more surreal days that I’ve had recently, but it was good fun.

This past weekend was the big one though- it was the official NatWest CricketForce weekend which is the weekend where cricket clubs up and down the country finish off the ground-work to ensure that their facilities are ready for the upcoming season. The weather wasn’t all that kind to us, so I quickly found a spot inside cleaning, scraping chewing gum off the tables and cooking pizza after pizza for all of our hungry volunteers. As well as photographing and filming the whole weekend. It was great to get some of the important work done and feel that all important community spirit! I’m really looking forward to the season getting underway.

Today I’m meeting my friend Tom for lunch. We met at uni last year and I haven’t seen him since I last visited Norwich, so I am beyond excited to see him. It should be a really great day!

I hope your week has got off to a good start too. Do let me know if you’ve got anything exciting going on.

Otherwise, meet me back here tomorrow, same time same place, for a style post!

Lots of love,

Lizzi xxx


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