Tuesday Tittle Tattle: Lizzi fails at public transport #1

Hi everyone!

Firstly I want to make a quick apology for not posting over the last few days. I’ve been busy working hard on an application for an internship! I won’t say what for, just in case but it’s a pretty exciting opportunity, which I’d love to get! My application is all submitted now though so regular posting should resume soon.

Another thing I wanted to drop in to say is that I’m currently on the way to Norwich for the week! I’m heading back to see university friends and revisit my beloved student hangouts. It should be great fun.

What hasn’t been great fun, however, is the journey.

As I write, the train rolls smoothly through the beautiful countryside…
Not really, it’s jerking and stuttering through an industrial park.

My train was cancelled at Ebbsfleet, causing me to miss my connection at Stratford. I then sought advice from a stranger which led to me ending up in Shenfield. (You really should listen to your parents when they say not to talk to strangers, kids…) From there a very nice national rail man helped me onto the right train to Colchester, and now, after a lot of running and a constant state of confusion etched on my face, I’m finally on my way to Norwich, with only about 50 minutes to go…

Six stations, all in one morning! What an achievement.

The moral of the story is, the sooner I learn to pass my driving test, the better…

I hope you all have a brilliant week, with a much better start to your day than my train disaster!

If you’re in Norwich, I’ll see ya soon!

If you’re not, I’ll see you next week!

Lots of love,
Lizzi xxx


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