Tuesday Tittle Tattle: My new car, Bananagrams & MTV Catfish.

Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while since I last did a Tuesday Tittle Tattle. I’d love to say that there’s loads that you’ve missed out on, but unfortunately life has continued as it always does; job applications in my pajamas, eating way too many Jelly Beans and watching too much TV.

If you’ve seen my latest Sunday Series post you’ll know that I made a rather exciting purchase a couple of weeks ago… I bought a car! No, I haven’t passed my test yet and yes I’m still a danger to society every time I drive, but it’s progress, right? So far, my trips out in it haven’t gone much further than the three minutes around the corner to our local Cricket Club, but I’m trying… Maybe today we’ll brave going a bit further afield, although I think my Dad is as terrified as I am. I’ll keep you posted. Side-note: call me naive but I had no idea how expensive car insurance was, the quote I got this morning nearly made my eyes pop out… Bring on the pink license!

new car

Last week I also spent a lovely evening hanging out with some of my friends, eating good food and playing Bananagrams. I’m really not big on games usually, but this one is good fun. It’s essentially like Scrabble but without the board and without the points system, so actually I guess it’s not really like Scrabble at all… As you can see from the picture below, I’m not the most adventurous with my word choices. It became a pretty fierce battle between my friend Jess and our friends Mum. Looking forward to the next round to see who will be crowned overall champion…


Lastly I want to tell you about how much I’ve been loving MTV’s Catfish. The new series has been so good so far and it’s fair to say I’m a little obsessed. I cannot wait for the episode which Tyler Oakley hosts to come to the UK, I can imagine it will be a thoroughly entertaining watch. If you have never seen Catfish- A) where have you been? B) you need to!

Lots of love,

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